Coming soon: A variety of blade finishes

I will be offering a variety of blade finishes Standard polished, highly polished, blued, and patinated (antiqued). Prices will vary on each blade finish option.

I will also be offering a wider variety of woods for my standard saws: Beech, cherry, walnut, and maple. Highly figured woods and tropical woods will be considered a custom option and priced on an individual basis.

Also, a couple of changes: The blades on my Moxon saws are now .032 thick rather than the previously stated .030. I plan to experiment with some different blade thicknesses and tooth configurations with this saw, in the future.

I am also going to have my site revamped soon, so it is more integrated and user-friendly. Please be patient. I can still receive orders, it may just be out of wack for a bit. Snail mail and checks are always an option (what’s he talking about?).

Also, once again, I am currently a one man operation, and saws are made to order. I do make them in batches occasionally, and you might get lucky and get it quicker than most. But expect 3-8 weeks for delivery, depending on my work load. There are only so many hours in a day! I sometimes wish I were a robot.

Thanks-  KLR, North Wind Toolworks

The saw pictured below is the Moxon with a beech handle and a patinated blade. If you like the look of an old tool, but the performance of a new one, this may be your cup of tea. Or is it hand of saw?


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