The Moxon and Ancient style carcase saw, in figured walnut

Moxon saw, in figured walnut

My last post was quite dull, so I just wanted to top it off with some pictures of a couple of saws I recently made for a client. I love how these saws turned out. The client did also. The Ancient style carcase saw is filed at 13 ppi, with a relaxed rake. It is filed without fleam, and rips and crosscuts nicely. I compared it to a japanese pullsaw and a well-known makers carcase saw, and it held its own. If you would like a spot on my back log for this saw, let me know. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am in the process of moving my shop, and will have a shop space set up in early june. Expect a delay.  The price for this saw is $325.00, $40.00 extra for specialty woods, excluding very exotic woods. I deal with these choices on a case to case basis.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Have a fine day. KLR

Ancient style carcase saw, in figured walnut

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