A new beginning

Owl family

“There are as many worlds as there are kinds of days, and as an opal changes its colors and its fire to match the nature of the day, so do I.”  

John Steinbeck

Due to unforeseen circumstances in my life, I will be relocating my shop from Fort Collins, Colorado to Missoula, Montana. I should l have a shop space set up by early June. I will also be doing some work on my website, so you may see a glitch or two.

Customers who have already ordered saws should expect a slight delay. I will keep you informed, and deal with this on an individual basis.

A couple of side notes:  I’m  tentatively looking at moving my shop and living quarters into an insanely huge and awesome, old train depot. it has a ten ton overhead crane, which would be very handy for moving my saws and tiny boxes of supplies around. I definitely need a ten ton overhead crane. It’s even occupied by a family of owls.

The other side note, mostly something for you to look at, and maybe give me some feedback on.

The following picture is of a small square I purchased while tool scrounging today. It was liberated from a box full of rusty detritus. It’s the coolest little square I’ve ever seen, with some very nice details. It has nice little ogee details on both ends, similar to old  try squares I’ve seen. It also has very small notches filed into it, spaced 1, 1/16″ apart, as well as another small filed detail. The dime is in the picture for scale.

I suspect it was a pattern makers square, probably user made. It appears to be cast, and has no makers mark, and exude’s a hand-made quality. It was also with other tools that appeared to be pattern makers tools.  Unfortunately it has a small crack in it, and is out of square. I am hesitant to file it back into square, until I know more about it. It’s the best $1.00 I’ve ever spent. If you’ve seen one similar to this or know what it is, let me know.

The other blurry picture is of part of the owl family that resides in my new potential shop. Such amazing creatures.

Thanks,  KLR

A gem of a square

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