Moxon and No.1 Compass saws in use

Following are some photos and commentary on the Moxon and No.1 Compass saws in use.

A brief note about the filing on my saws: My saws are filed without fleam, which as evidence suggests, is how saws were filed in centuries past. We can’t know this for sure though. These are a few things I’ve discovered about fleam-less saws:

  1. They crosscut quite well.
  2. They are easy to sharpen.
  3. They are not really “fleam-less”, as a small amount of angle is always introduced into the tooth during hand filing, though it may be a negligable amount.

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”  Friedrich Nietzsche



ImageCrosscutting with the Moxon saw.

ImageRough dovetails, with the Moxon saw.

ImageSawing a small dado with the Moxon Saw.

ImageDovetail cut with the Moxon saw.

The following series of photos shows me using both saws to fix a joint that I botched. I accomplish this by clamping the defective joint, and  kerfing it in, until it’s tight. The Compass saw is provided with a small chiseled hole on the inside of the joint.ImageMan, that’s one ugly duckling!ImageKerfing in the top.ImageKerfing in the center with the No.1 Compass saw. Repeat these steps until the joint closes up.ImageIt’s still ugly, but it will do for rough joinery.ImageExample of No.1 Compass saw, in use.




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